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Car Care Products

Car Care Products
Car Care Products
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Product Description

With the assistance of our competent workforce, we are committed to manufacture, supply and export a wide range of Car Care Products. These products are manufactured using high quality materials and components in order to meet the international quality standards. We are offering products like brake cleaner, anti fogging windshield cleaner, metal polish, plastic cleaner, penetrating oil, engine cleaner and care wash & cleaner. Car Care Products are widely used for the maintenance and cleaning of various vehicles in automotive industry.

Other details:
Antifogging Windshield Cleaner

The occurrence of impaired visibility through an automobile windshield during inclement weather conditions has posed a persistent danger to automobile drivers. The impaired visibility frequently occurs when either fog spots or water deposit on the surface of the windshield, and of which are not effectively removed by a windshield wiper. The fog spots generally occur during weather conditions of high temperature and high humidity, and deposit when there is a difference between the surface temperature of the windshield and the surrounding atmospheric conditions. A light rain will reduce transparency as the mist of the rain deposits on the surface of the windshield. Anti-fogging windshield cleaner provides a coating on the surface for an optically clear substrate to impart an anti-fogging and anti-wetting coating therefore, Anti-fogging windshield cleaner is also act as cleaner for the above coating to coat a uniform coating. The coating provides excellent protection to vinyl, rubber, leather, and rust inhibition to painted or non-painted metal. Anti-fogging windshield cleaner also provides high gloss, detergent resistant, and rust protective coating. It is safe to use, stable in storage, requires no special surface preparation, and is easy to apply.

Brake Cleaner

A cleaning often becomes necessary of the brake components to maintain proper functioning and performance of the brakes. An air or steam blowing is recommended but it has own limitation so a chemical cleaning is preferred with in a parameter. Brake cleaner is a solvent type cleaner . Brake cleaner loosen, dissolve and/or wash away accumulated oil and particulate contamination etc on brake components. It is quickly dissolve the oil and wet the dirt or dust etc to remove effectively. Brake cleaner does not attack brake system components (e.g., rubber hoses, wheel cylinder boots, and the like) and other vehicle components (e.g., body side moldings, paint, plastics, wheels and tires) during use. It has low toxicity, acceptable odor, acceptable dry time, and excellent cleaning performance.

Engine Cleaner

A problem that has always existed in the automotive field is that automobile engine accumulate dirt, oil and grease. Such accumulations tend to prevent heat transfer and thus contribute to warmer running engine, which in turn decreases fuel-efficiency and increases the use of oil. The engine of the car is fitted on body so compact that it is not possible to reach every corner. Mostly the products available in market are based upon Solvent, so due to pollution problem its disposal question arises. Engine cleaner is a powerful cleaner / degreaser formulated with the finest surfactant and water based solvent. Engine cleaner easily penetrates into the layer of grease grime and remove them with dirt, tar, asphalt and road debris etc it start looks like new one. Engine cleaner can diluted with water, so it is biodegradable and has no environment problem. The water is its solvent so it is a economical product also.

Metal Polish
All polished metal parts are prone to have their surfaces dulled by environmental conditions or by handling of human hands. Oxides and Sulfides are formed on the metal surfaces, and these substances are sometimes difficult to remove without scratches or pitting on the surfaces of the articles. Other prior art cleaners and polishes are often messy to apply and tend to dry unevenly, leaving surfaces that are not even in luster. Also, some cleaners and polishes contain very abrasive components that cause scratching of the metallic surface, thus requiring a buffing action later.Polishes are required to produce or restore a glossy surface on a product in order to protect and prolong the life thereof. Metal polish restores the glossy surface of product in order to protect and prolong the life. Metal polish is not only polish the metal but also clean it.

Penetrating oil

The oxidation of metal fixtures and hardware in corrosive environment, often become frozen particular the bolts and nuts used in it therein similarly, metal fabrication is often accomplished using mixed or dissimilar metals. For example, the housing of an object is often made from a first metal, while the fasteners are produced from a second metal. Because of the dissimilarities in the metals, the fasteners are more likely to corrode due to galvanic action and become frozen together. For disassembly the structure the nut must be separate out from its respective bolt. By using Penetrating oil the nut can be separate out easily. Penetrating oil has the ability to penetrate rapidly, deeply between metallic surfaces that are in close contact & dissolves the rust film. It also gives lubrication to the threads of nut and bolt. Penetrating oil is less toxic, less flammable less odor product.

Plastic Cleaner

Plastic is most popular material in this world at present, so we are using this product in so many times in our daily life. In automobile industry the use of plastic is increasing day by day, to keep the cleanness of the plastic is a tedious job due to its property. Plastic can easily scratch; it has affinity to the dirt, and always tries to lose its original crystalline clarity. Plastic cleaner cleans deep down and protects vinyl, leather, rubber, and plastic. Leaves no greasy residue on seats, dashboards, vinyl tops, and tires etc; Plastic cleaner quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics. Plastic cleaner removes light oxidation, chemical degradation, surface contamination, stains and light surface scratches with ease. Special its highly water resistant polymers provide long lasting durable protection to keep your clear plastics clear and beautiful longer. It is non reactive to human skin, easy to apply and quick evaporate product. Plastic cleaner leaves no residue on the surface so there is no attraction to dirt.

Car Polish

To get a perfect appearance of the car, a waxing is required, which not only gives a shining, gloss and Brightness to car body but also protect the paint, metal parts etc; wax provides maximum shine, perfect clarify and deep gloss to the car's finish. It is formulated with resins to fill in minor scratches and swirl marks. Layering several coats of Car Polish will further enhance the shine and clarity of the car's finish. Car Polish is a fast acting paint restorer with super fine abrasives to remove compounding marks and ultra-fine scratches. Protects painted surfaces and leaves a durable high gloss finish. Paint will be darker and richer and shine will be maximized for depth and clarity. APL technology creates a tough polymer bond to the paint to provide extreme protection, delivering our longest lasting car wax ever. Special blend forms UV protection barrier that blocks harmful UV light and environmental fallout . It offers long lasting protection while not harming or damaging the paint finish. This product will protect aged and newly cured automotive paint coatings both foreign and domestic ficulty. Car Polish , Protects and Polishes all in one application.

Radiator Conditioner

Automobile engines and other internal combustion engines are commonly cooled by liquid cooling systems. A common problem in liquid cooling systems is rust. As the coolant is circulated through the engine and the radiator, rust forms and clogs the cooling system, reducing the efficiency of the system. The most common preventative measure is to flush the coolant from the cooling system periodically. This operation is time consuming, unpleasant, and relatively expensive. Radiator conditioner is so designed that it has to be added in running to the coolant in order to retard the formation of rust and other detrimental materials like scale, solder boom etc; Radiator conditioner is not only retard the formation of scale, rust but also remove Or dissolve them to increase the efficiency of cooling system. Radiator conditioner is also reduced the flushes, and break downs of engine. It is compatible to the all metal parts and rubber and easy to apply. Radiator conditioner is also not react with coolant

Spot Remover

Some spots have developed externally on car body and internally on carpet, seat cover and dashboard etc, these spots have to remove as early as possible to stop further deterioration .Spot Remover can easily removes these spots without affecting the paint of the body or the color of carpet. Spot removes the surface rust and scratches, tree sap, tar, water spots, road film; bugs, oxidized paint from old finish, And stains from bird droppings externally and dirt, coffee, grease, cola, ink, lipstick, blood, food articles and urine etc, spots Internally. It is none irritating product can be applied on the spot with help of hand and cloth. It is less foaming and quick penetrating product.

Tire and Wheel Cleaner

Tire (Tier) and wheel are one of dirtiest part in the car. They always pick up so many dirts like dust, mud, road grimes, brake droplets, oil and grease drops etc. To keep the appearance beautiful of a car tire and wheel should be in perfect order, this can be done with the help of washing and polishing of above parts. Tire & wheel cleaner is not only remove the dirt but also gives a shining to the tire and protection from fraction heat; it also gives protection film to the wheel to save the shining and anodizing. The product contains anti corrosion inhibitor for rust prevention and antioxidant for rubber to slow the decay process. Having a film forming nature it also reduces the dirt to stick on the tire and wheel. It also reduces the noise, which is developed by dirt due to road fraction (as the dirt is in less quantity). The cleaner can be applying easily on tire and wheels with the help of sprayer or any other suitable method.

Car Wash & Polish

Every car owner wants its car appearance fantastic, for this purpose a perfect shining is required. The perfect shine comes when your car's paint finish is in good condition, free of surface contamination, polished, glazed, protected and waxed. Car Wash & Polish is self-drying and leaves no streaks solution. Your car looks like you spent hours waxing to get the end result, a beautiful finish. This is the most concentrated soap and wax combination on the market. It contains important UV inhibitors for the paint finish. It offers long lasting protection while not harming or damaging the paint finish. It is easy on, easy off. It's a simple as that! Independent tests have shown this product to offer longer lasting protection than countless other products on the market that are more difficult to use and can possibly damage the paint surface. This product will provide you with professional results   this keeps dust and pollutants off of the beautiful finish, and the wax won't evaporate as quickly. It will replenish the wax lost through evaporation. It provides maximum shine, perfect clarify and deep gloss to a car's finish. Formulated with resins to fill in minor scratches and swirl marks. Layering several coats of Car wash and polish will further enhance the shine and clarity of the car's finish. The coat of it for any vehicle creates a dazzling shine and long-lasting protection. Car wash & polish contains, such type resin to provides a long lasting protective coat that your vehicle needs.  

Car Wash

Car appearance is main charities for routine maintenance; to keep proper appearance a regular car cleaning is required which can only done with the help of washing. Washing is the process of removing loose dirt and road film on the top of your car's exterior surfaces. That means more than just a good hosing. You have to scrub it with detergent or shampoo and a sponge or wash mitt. Car Wash is a completely synthetic car wash concentrate that loosens and emulsifies even the toughest dirt and road grime. Synthetic lubricating oils glide dirt particles off of the surface without marring car finish. Engineered water softener helps reduce deposits in hard water, leaving behind a spot-free finish .Car wash also gives shining finish to the car. Car Wash contains some corrosion inhibitors so it also not rusts the car body.

Noise Reducer

The noise is problem for automobile industry, when brakes are applied. The noise is developed due the fraction between brake pad and drum or disc & also between road and tire. The passengers are not like it during night hours. The noise may disturb their sleep. Noise reducer is not only reduced the noise but also increased the efficiency of the brake. It also removes the dust particle, oils etc from the brake.

Supplementary Coolant Additive

In order to prevent scale deposition, corrosion of metal surfaces and similar fouling of water treatment systems, as well to maintain proper pH level, anti-foulants, anti-scaling agents, corrosion inhibitors, buffering and pH agents have been added directly to water treatment systems on an as needed basis. After covering some mileage or completing the hours, the additive has started decomposition and its effectiveness reduced, so the system is always is monitored, and analyzed to maintain the minimum level of the additive. When the concentration of a particular agent falls below a desired level, additional agent is added to the system to increase the life of product. The antifreeze coolant, which is used in automobile industry to cool the engine, is facing same type of the problem. A conventional type Coolant after running about 20000-30000 Kilometers, the some additives reached on minimum so some addition is required. Supplementary Coolant Additive is not only increased the minimum level of said additive but also increased the life of antifreeze coolant. SCA is also reduced the brake down time and increases the coolant change time. It is non-toxic and competable with coolants.

ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD. can supply Car Care - Car maintanance product as per customer specification.

Packing : In various type of packings are available depends upon type of the product. The standard packings are in 100, 300, 500 in gms or ml & 1, 5, 50, 200 Kgs / Ltrs.

Note: Direction of use, Precautions & Handling, etc; are written on the lable of the bottle or supply along with the material.

ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD. manufacturing many types of automobile products like Brake Fluid, Antifreeze Coolant, Radiator Cleaner, Windshield Cleaner, etc.