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Antifreeze Coolant

Antifreeze Coolant
Antifreeze Coolant
Product Code : CL-01
Product Description

Utilizing the knowledge and experience, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting quality assured Antifreeze Coolant. We are offering this coolant in low freezing & high boiling point that is highly appreciated by patrons. Our offered coolant is processed in our processing unit in order to meet the exact requirements of clients. This coolant is widely used to enhance the performance of the vehicles. Antifreeze Coolant is available in tamper proof barrels to prevent from moisture and retain its purity.

Other details:

Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant is used by all vehicles for heat transfer. Antifreeze Coolant should be efficient in transferring the heat as well as preventing scale & corrosion of the radiator and the engine cooling system. Antifreeze Coolant is antifreeze during the winter due to low freezing point and an anti boiling during the summer season due to high boiling point.

Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant helps the engine to give optimum performance. All Antifreeze Coolant is based on Ethylene Glycol. ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD. is selling Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant in the name of APICUL (Conc.) or RADICUL (Ready to use) in its brand. APICUL meets the international JIS- K 2234 or OEM specification & Supersedes.

  • Chemical stable & Low Viscosity.

  • Longer Life, less corrosive to the metal parts & less changes.

  • Highly effective in heat transfer.

  • Low Freezing point & High Boiling point.

  • Keep the engine cool & prevent the over heating.

  • Improve the air conditioner output.

  • Less Scale formation & degrading.

  • Enhance fuel performance.

APICUL is a Concentrate Antifreeze Coolant and is available in following types:

  • APICUL (TR) Conventional: It is a blend of conventional type of scale & corrosion inhibitors giving a high performance to the engine. This is a Phosphate & Amine free so does not precipitated with the hard water and also not effect the environment. APICUL (TR) is an economical Antifreeze Coolant.

  • APICUL (EL) Extended Life: The type of corrosion inhibitor mixed in this coolant is based upon Carboxylate technology so it gives a longer life & more protection to the internal combustion engine and the frequencies to change the Radiator Coolant is less then others thus became it is more economical. The Coolant is also compatible with hard water.

The above product is available in different colors like Greenish, Blue, Orange, Red, etc.

Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant concentrate can not be used directly in car as it has a poor heat transfer property, therefore it is always recommend dilute in to water to increase the heat transfer property.

RADICUL is a Ready to use Antifreeze Coolant in a Concentration of 20% to 50% with water & is available in following types:

RADICUL (TR) Conventional: It is a ready to use Coolant diluted with water of a conventional type of Antifreeze Coolant with other additives to increase the life of coolant & engine. This product can be directly used in the cooling system.

RADICUL (EL) Extended Life: It is a ready to use Coolant diluted with water of a extended life coolant with other additives to get optimize performance. These products can be used directly in the cooling system.

The above products are available in different colors like Greenish, Blue, Orange, Red, etc.


  • 500 ml, HDPE Bottles.

  • 5, 25, 50, 210 Ltrs. in HDPE Drums.

Special Products:

  • Antifreeze Coolant based on Mono Propylene Glycol (Non Toxic) in Conventional & Extended Life.

  • SCA (supplementary chemical additive): This product is added in conventional type of coolant to increases its life.

  • Concentrate scale and corrosion inhibitor in powder form for Coolant.

ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD. can supply Antifreeze Coolant as per customer specification.