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ADVANCE GROUP OF INDUSTRIES was established in year 1970, Head Quarter at Ahmedabad (A pioneer Industrial town in India).

ADVANCE always in constant evolution in order to offer an advanced technology and best quality controls & improvements by keeping continuous process by adopting ISO: 9001-2000 Certification.

ADVANCE always keep in mind the need of customer and modified also them as per their requirement, so the customer can fully satisfied with our product.

ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD., is a pioneer exporter, manufacturer, stockiest, wholesaler, producers, supplier, trader, distributor and dealer in specialized chemicals used in Automobile Air Craft, Textile, Refinery, Crude oil, Leather, Pesticides, Paints, Lubricant, Wood, Masonry, Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Metal, construction, Power plant, Mines & Mineral.

Rubber products, like, Rubber Printing Blankets, Rubber Sheets, Rubber/Polymer Coated Cellulose/Man-made Fiber Fabric, rubber coated fabric, Conveyor Belts, through their Company, Polyurethane Coated Fabric & Rubber Coated Fabric Viz., ADVANCE MULTITECH LTD.

Export & Imports of Herbs & Herbal products through their Company, Viz., ADVANCE IMPEX.


Rubber Coated Fabric
Rubber like Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, Natural, SBR, EPDM, silicone, Hypalone, Polyurethane, ptfe, coated fabric on fabric like Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Fiber Glass, etc.

Polyurethane Coated Fabric
PU Coated fabric for industries and garment industries. We even manufacture PU Coated Fabric which is used in Oil Boom in Marine Industries.

Rubber Conveyor Belt
Conveyor belt like M-24, N-17, Heat Resistant conveyor belt, Oil Resistant Conveyor belt, Fire Resistant Conveyor belt, Oil and Heat Resistant Conveyor belt, Hygienic Conveyor Belt.

Rubber Printing Blanket
Textile Rubber Printing Blanket for Flat Bed Printing Machine, Rotary Printing Machine, Roller Printing Machine.

Rubber Sheet
Rubber sheet of rubber like Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, Natural, SBR, EPDM, silicone, Hypalone from thickness 1.0 to 50 mm. And Width up to 2000 mm.

Methyl Glycol, Methyl Di Glycol, Butyl Glycol, Butyl Di Glycol, Ethyl Glycol, Ethyl Di Glycol, Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether & Methyl Cellosolve, Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether & Methyl Carbitol, Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether & Butyl Cellosolve, Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether & Butyl Carbitol, Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether & Ethyl Cellosolve, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether & Ethyl Carbitol, Polyethylene Glycol & PEG & Glycol Poly Ethylene.

Triethanolamine - TEA, Mono Methyl Ethanolamine - MMEA.

Aircraft Chemicals
FSII & Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether & Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether; Icing Inhibitor & Dicing Inhibitor.

Brake Fluid DOT 3, Brake Fluid DOT 4, Brake Fluid DOT 5, Brake Fluid DOT 5.1, Extended life - Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant , Automobile maintenance chemicals like Radiator Cleaner, Windshield Washer Fluid & Car care products like Brake Cleaner, Engine Cleaner, Penetrating Oil, metal polish, car polish, car wash, Tires & Wheel Cleaner, Spot Remover, Noise Reducer, Plastic Cleaner, Radiator Conditioner & Supplementary Coolant additive etc.

Advance Group of Industries always gives more importance on quality & service. To maintain its quality company produces all material from basic raw material to final product. Or produce another place in presence and guidance of company technician to give a third party guarantee.
Company has accredited ISO 9001-2001 in year 2001 & other certifications are in progress. We are offering our product in most competitive price & best quality compared to others. Advance Group of Industries has developed the best economical and effective product with its own research and development and always catering the customer’s requirement and need.

Advance Group of Industries is always in constant evolution in order to offer an advanced technology and best product at all times. Now a day, our products are known as guaranteed products along with its reliability.

Advance Group of Industries commits to quality improvement, as our improvement process is evolutionary. We are always striving to achieve the goal, maintain quality and ultimately push the final product as per international standard of excellence. We always try to add new product in our product range in regular fields as well as in new fields.

Advance Group of Industries products are committed to create premium product that offer superior performance without disturbing environment. Our fundamental aim is to satisfy our customer with the best possible product & service to enjoy our work.

Welcome by all these above things, we have achieved this by the co-operation and suggestion of our valued customers, so we always appreciate your suggestions